Hello & Welcome to Our First Blog Post!

Welcome to our very first blog post! The Art Cloud had its launch just a little over 3 months ago. For those who don’t know, we are an online marketplace where you can discover craft and products made by Jamaican creators. We simply want to assist in the development of our Brand Jamaica by promoting our local business owners; giving them a central location where they can share and sell their craft.  During brainstorming on how to make our customers and viewers have a greater experience, we decided we should be more interactive. So here we are, we started a blog!  
My name is Rick-Ashley Foster, The Co-founder & Co-Owner of The Art Cloud, I will primarily be the writer for our blog series. I am so excited to share with you guys more of what our brand is about, and MORE of what we have to offer.  
So, first off, I will start off by telling you what to expect on The Art Cloud’s Blog; Anything & Everything! I will be talking about our products, art, lifestyle, fashion, home décor, small businesses and plenty of tips (just to name a few).  Our business has no limits and neither does this blog 🙂.  
One of our many goals as a Jamaican business, is to promote and advocate for our little island as much as we can, so this blog gives us an opportunity to showcase Jamaica even more! 
Please feel free to share advice and communicate with me along the way! I have decided that for starters, I will make a blog post every Friday! (Yayy ??) 
So that is it for now folks! I am super excited to see where this blog takes us, and I can't wait to hear from all of you. Likkle lata! 


  • Awesome Ashley!! more blessings to you .

  • Truly an inspiration. I love the concept. All the best.

  • Thanks for reading Sandra! Great things ahead of us!

    Rick-Ashley Foster
  • “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” ~ JCP

    Let’s do this Rick-Ashley!

    Sandra M. Taylor Wiggan

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