5 Mothers Day Gift That Are As Unique As She Is!

Hey everyone, I know it has been a while but I am back! Mother's day is around the corner, and I'm sure many of us are a bit uncertain as to what we should get our lovely queen. Today I'll share with you 5 perfect gift ideas to surprise your Mom on this special day.

    1. Personalized Gifts

Without a doubt, personalized gifts have become a huge player in the gift-giving world. A personalized product allows people to materialize their relationships and share a special connection with that someone you cherish. In any way, personalized gifts are more thoughtful and special than generic gifts. On The Art Cloud we have many items that you can customize; One of our customer favourites are our mugs. Customize our mugs and wood signs with something sweet for you mom :) 

"Home is Where My Mom Is" Mug 

"No Place Like Mi Yaad" Wood Sign

Email us to customize mugs & wood signs.

    2. Jewellery

Jewellery is ALWAYS a great idea for gifts. The jewellery we offer on The Art Cloud are extremely unique, and best of all, they are handmade with love. We have hand painted earrings, beaded necklaces and bracelets, and even crochet jewellery.

    3. Art

Moms take their home décor seriously and luckily for you we have plenty of unique options. Two great options to gift your mom are photographs of our beautiful Jamaica and our handmade wood wall art.




    4. Accessories & Beauty Products

On The Art Cloud, we have a selection of handmade bags and purses which would be perfect for your mom. We also have a selection of head ties that your mom can use to enhance any hairstyle. Available also are beauty products like lip balms, lip scrubs and lip gloss, all made in Jamaica with no harsh or harmful ingredients.




    5. Gift Box

Can't decide on one item? This is the perfect option for you! Get a collection of gift items in a customized box with even a personalized card. The pre-arranged gift box contains : 1 Mothers Mug, 1 Custom Mug, 1 Personalized card, 1 Lip Balm, Lip Scrub & Lip Gloss, 1 Head tie and 1 Bracelet. The gift boxes are customizable, therefore you can take away or add items that you may like. The price will vary depending on the items in the box.


So there you have it! 5 Mothers Day gifts all made by Jamaicans with love. Thanks for reading! Till next time <3

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